We are Happy to Represent Florida Home Buyers!

The team of experienced real estate professionals behind DiscountMLSFlorida.com is proud to offer a complete suite of services to both buyers and sellers in Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Monroe counties. Not only do we have decades of experience serving Florida home buyers and sellers, but we have also lived and worked here for just as long. Our familiarity with the local market and communities gives us a unique ability to ensure buyers are getting everything they need from their Florida home purchase.

We Offer Buyer Rebates to Florida Home Buyers!

The term “buyer rebate” is used when an agent refunds a part of their commission earned. This is an excellent incentive for you as a buyer, and it’s just one way that real estate professionals can compete for your business.

Buyer rebate programs make home buying much more affordable, and they are perfectly legal throughout the majority of the United States, including Florida. For a complete list of states that allow real estate professionals to offer cash incentives to buyers, please visit the Department of Justice website.

We are very proud of the buyer rebate program we offer here at DiscountMLSFlorida. It is a tiered program, which compensates you for the amount of time and effort you spend on this process. We know you will love this program as much as our past clients have! Be sure to check out the details HERE.

Buying a Home in Florida: What to Expect

If you wish to purchase a property in our service area and would like a DiscountMLSFlorida.com agent to represent you, please begin by contacting us at X. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have, and we will also pull MLS sheets for you on any property that has captured your interest.

Making an Offer

Once you have found the exact home you’d like to buy, we would be happy to submit an offer for you. In order to do that, we will ask you for the following information:

  1. The full name of anyone you’d like to appear on the offer and their current address(es).
  2. The address of the property you want to buy.
  3. Your offer price, your down payment amount, the amount of earnest money you will put down, and the desired closing date.
  4. A list of offer contingencies, which usually includes inspection, appraisal, attorney review, pest control, and radon.
  5. When you plan to occupy the home (for example, upon closing)
  6. An expiration date for your offer, which is typically 1-2 days after you submit the offer.

From there, we must wait for the seller’s agent to respond, which usually happens fairly quickly. To learn more about what happens after your offer has been submitted, please click HERE.