Optional Full Service

We offer a few different options for sellers that allow them to scale the services they hope to receive and the fees they are willing to pay. Our plans range from listing-only to a full-service listing plan that comes with all of the bells and whistles of a traditional real estate brokerage agreement.

While we do find it important to offer affordable solutions to sellers who believe they can handle everything themselves, we also know that many sellers today would rather not spend the time and energy it takes to market their own home and negotiate the details of the sale. That’s why we offer this optional full-service flat-fee MLS service plan. Below is a basic overview of what is included in that plan.

Comparative Market Analysis and a Customized Selling Strategy

By using a comparative market analysis, we are able to give you the most accurate possible advice for a smart listing price for your home. This report compares apples to apples; that is, it uses data from homes in your area that have recently sold and have similar features, such as square footage, bedrooms, bathroom, and amenities.

We use this information, along with an understanding of your personal wants and needs from this process, and we create a strategy for selling your home in a way that satisfies those desires.

Professional Document Review

Few processes today require as much documentation as the sale of real estate. You will be hit with contract after contract, and amendment after amendment. There will be email, letters, inspections, invoices, statements, and more.

When it comes to ensuring that all of your bases of covered, there’s nothing more valuable that having an expert eye review everything before it is sent over to the other party. As part of our full-service plan, we will review all communications and documentation for you, and we will always tell you if something is amiss or not in your best interest.

Decades of Industry Expertise at Your Disposal

The team behind DiscountMLSFlorida.com has been in this business for decades. We’ve worked in all market conditions under every circumstance you can imagine. We know what pushes a transaction to closing and what kind of obstacles can delay the process (or kill a deal entirely). As a full-service client, we encourage you to leverage that experience every step of the way.

In addition to guidance and advice, we will also handle negotiations with buyers and their agents – something that would be very overwhelming and time-consuming to do on your own.

When closing day comes, we want you to feel confident that you are getting the best deal possible for the sale of your most valuable asset.

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