Showing Service

Sell your home faster and easier than ever before with the use of the Central Showing Service and Discount MLS Florida! 

This program was designed for not only the real estate agents that sell and show homes for owners, but also for the homeowners who are either selling their homes themselves or simply want to stay on top of their property’s activity. 

This app empowers sellers to schedule their own showings and approve buyer showing requests without having to have a conversation or write down a list of when they need to be out of the house for the next showing – it is all right there in front of you.

Why should you use the Central Showing Service (CSS)?

CSS makes things much easier for both buyer and seller. When a buyer’s agent wants to request a showing, the property owner receives a notification and can approve or deny the request instantly. There are no extra steps that need to be taken –  no phone tag or nagging emails. 

You and your prospective buyers can schedule and manage everything all on one app, and it’s easy for you to log in and view the schedule of showings that are happening at you home. This gives you peace of mind, and it’s just one more way that you can take control over the sale of your home. 

CSS Connects Everyone

CSS makes it easy for sellers, buyers, and buyers’ agents to communicate. Everyone is happy with the schedule of events, the showings, and the ease with which feedback may be offered. 

Selling a home doesn’t have to be stressful. Know when to leave, when to be there, and when to stage – all with the use of this helpful app that keeps everyone in the loop.

The Central Showing Service has you covered when you need to be, and it is an integral part of your experience with Discount MLS Florida.