Just a few of our "Real Customer Testimonials".

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for all your help – using your service was straightforward and easy, and saved us a lot of money. You over-delivered on every commitment you had on your website describing your service!

We have recommended you to a number of people already and will look to use you again in the future.

If there’s anything else we can do to help spread the word about your great service, like a customer review/comment/etc. just let me know.


We closed on our house early – it was all signed today. I just wanted you to know so you can close it out on the MLS. Thank you very much. Do you need anything else from me? I will definitely recommend your service to other’s – it has been great!!

Jill Holstead

We signed the papers and closed on our home this morning. My wife and I are thankful to you and your services, couldn’t have done it without you. If you have a blog site or somewhere that we can leave our positive feedback we’d be Glad to do it. I will keep you in mind and will recommend to anyone that I know who want to sell their home.

Tony Farahan

I’d also like to say that we truly appreciate the service that you offer. You allowed us to sell our home quickly and efficiently in a tough market, all while literally saving us thousands of dollars in realtor fees. I would (and have) recommend your services to friends and family without hesitation. Thank you and I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors.

Jason Kusmanoff

Just wanted to let you know the house is officially sold. The house was listed for 5 months with a realtor with no offers. I lowered the price of the home by 3% (the realtor’s commission) and received an offer within 4 days. I can’t believe it sold/closed in less than a month. Thank Goodness for this service. I saved over $7000 in commissions. I’m recommending you to all my friends.

Melissa Diaz

Thank you. Your service is the ticket and I will refer you to anyone who will listen. Thanks. The MLS listing was the trick.


Thank you! You guys saved me a bundle and were very helpful! I won�t hesitate to recommend you to others!

Linda G

It was a PLEASURE dealing with you. I have a neighbor that will use you too. When we sell our next house (we want to be home builders) we will use you again!!!

Kell & Blaine P.

Thank you so much for all your help in the selling of our home. We have been spreading the word to all our friends about your service.

Steve W.

I really appreciate you having this kind of service! I can’t imagine the hard work it must be to have such a business too.
But really, THANK YOU for this service. We appreciate it so much! I looked and looked for an online service that listed my home on MLS and gave me the benefits of CSS.

Kelli P.

Your $500 service was a fantastic value! I only had to show my home to private buyers and the agents for the prospects did the rest. You saved me over $5,000 in Commissions. This is a MUST use service for all Home Sellers. It’s easy, low cost, and your house will get shown thanks to the MLS listing. Thanks again for everything.

Giampaolo G.

We really appreciated your professionalism, courtesy in answering our questions and your timeliness in getting back to us. We plan to list another property next week and should have 2 more to list in the next 3 months. My husband and I remodel and sell homes. We like the mls/fsbo program because we can do the sales on our own but if someone needs/wants a realtor, we have ya’ll to assist. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

Shari E.

Thanks again for ALL that you have done for David and me! I feel like I should write a letter to the Real Estate Commission or somebody to let them know what an incredible job you have done for us!


I wanted to let you know that our house is now under “Contract Pending” status. The paperwork was signed last night. I assume that once the option period ends then it is considered sold? Or is it only considered sold after the close date?

I can’t believe we have a contract on the house only 10 days after listing with you!!! AMAZING!!! Thank You!

Brenda Kirkland

I just wanted to thank you for all your help in selling my home. Any questions that had, you gave me quick answers. The flat fee was only $499 to be put on MLS. Which is much better than paying a realtor their 3% commission for just a few clicks to write the listing.

Don Horton

Selling my house this way gave me the control I needed in the sale of my home. It saved me over $7500. Selling my home with a realtor at 6% would have cost me $14,100. With your program it only cost me your flat fee + a commission to the realtor who brought me the buyer. That is a savings of over $7500. I will be using that money towards my new furniture. Thanks again & I’ll pass your name on to more people who may be interested.

Holly Blue

Thank you very much for providing this excellent service! At first, I tried to sell my house by myself. I had my home listed in papers and put signs at major local intersections. Although many people came to see my house and made oral offers, those offers were of low quality, i.e. not serious and hard to follow up.

Once I signed up for your service, many buyer’s agents started to bring their clients to see my house. Soon there were offers, solid and good ones. With your advices on dealing with buyer’s agents, I signed a contract in about a week. I’m really happy with your service and would recommend to friends who’re thinking about selling their homes. Your service is effective and with no hidden cost. I saved over $9,000!


We used your firm to list our property in the MLS, and essentially saved 3% on the sale of our home. It was not a hassle either since the buyers brought an agent to represent their client. We were very satisfied with the MLS listing.

Russell Shaffer

When I wanted to sell my house, I wasn’t ready to give 6% commission to real estate agents. I found this Flat fee program where I simply paid a small fee to get my house listed on MLS. I still got the asking price and paid only 3% commission to buyer’s agent. I also had the opportunity to sell own my own. Flat fee program is a great way to save money and still get the maximum value of your house.

S. Virk

The flat fee service was easy, affordable, and assisted in the quick sale of our condo. We saved several thousand dollars and would recommend the service highly to anyone wishing to sell their home, while avoiding the steep commissions associated with listing with a traditional broker. Many thanks!

Shannon M. Allain